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Single-family and multi unit properties

Receive the highest-quality property management services for single family and multi-unit residential properties for a low-cost, monthly flat fee and no hidden fees, ever.



  • We ensure compliance with COVID-19 rules and regulations for screenings, showings, cleaning, and maintenance

  • We screen potential tenants & attract quality tenants

  • We collect rent and any fees

  • We manage asset budgeting & timely bill pay

  • We facilitate property repairs, maintenance & vendor payments

  • We manage funds & pay property bills

  • We liaise with tenants & field complaints

  • We ensure regular, appropriate rent increases

  • We provide online owner and renter portals

  • We review & explain lease terms with current and potential tenants

  • We provide tax & accounting documentation

  • We enforce lease terms & manage violations

  • We ensure that you are up to date on and compliant with federal, state, and local tenant laws

  • We provide trusted contractor & vendor referrals

  • 24/7 management for urgent needs

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